Comfort and tradition

A Catalan manor house,

at the entrance of the small town of Vilafreser, easily accessible by car and in the middle of a valley where peace and silence prevail. Facing south, it is elevated above the rest of the estate. Horses grazing in the fields create unique views from the pool and gardens.
The country house has been renovated for rural tourism with a minimalist design, accentuating the existing architectural elements and in harmony with the surroundings.

rural tourism and equestrian farm

``Where you breathe Nature``


Although the original building appears to be from the 16th century, major renovations were made later, such as the two vaulted porticoes that support the terrace on the southern façade and the majestic entrance gate (currently walled) to the north. The stone lintels show several dates, such as “1.720” and “1.805” but also the inscription “DOMINGO GRADO ME FESIT LAN 1847”.

The Country House,

Upon arrival at Can Grau, the first surprise is the open landscape around its main entrance. The “Àngels” mountain range in Girona and the “Fortalesa” mountain in the background make for a beautiful horizon.

The Estate,

Several paths invite us to discover the surroundings of this 14-hectare estate. Following the small stream and vast forest that delimit its fields, you will find century-old specimens of oaks and pines and even an ancient dam, naturally sculpted by the runoff from the rain.

The Hosts

The company CATALONIA HORSE TRAILS and the Masia CAN GRAU project were conceived and realized by Josep Ramon Casas Collderram and his partner Anne Imbert. This duo is an effective combination of extensive experience and true passion  for horses and nature, and for creating exciting projects.

rediscover life in the country

``An ideal place for horse and nature lovers``


The horses live in Masia Can Grau in semi-freedom. They are grouped in different herds distributed in large paddocks to the South of the gardens of the rural house. They do not need stables as they have regained their social balance by living in harmony with nature.

They are all tamed and docile and pleasant to hold and ride. They are of different breeds and sizes, mainly those that best adapt to outdoor life and long routes: PRE (pure Spanish race), PRA (pure Arab race), HÁ (Hispanic Arab race), AÁ (Anglo-Arab race) and Paint horse.

Most of them go only with a steak in the mouth and the saddles are mainly English saddles, although we also have western saddles, raid and marches.


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