Masia CanGrau

Masia Can Grau is a Catalan manor house at the entrance of the small town of Vilafreser, easily accessible by car and in the middle of a valley where peace and silence prevail. Facing south, it is elevated above the rest of the estate. Horses grazing in the fields create unique views from the pool and gardens.
The country house has been renovated for rural tourism with a minimalist design, accentuating the existing architectural elements and in harmony with the surroundings. Sustainable materials and solutions have been used to achieve maximum energy efficiency without compromising comfort and modern functionality. It is an ideal place for horse lovers to enjoy a family initiation, take classes or go on excursions, and even embark on longer multi-day trails through the magnificent landscapes of the Empordà, the Garrotxa and the Pyrenees.



Although the original building appears to be from the 16th century, major renovations were made later, such as the two vaulted porticoes that support the terrace on the southern façade and the majestic entrance gate (currently walled) to the north. The stone lintels show several dates, such as “1720” and “1805” but also the inscription “DOMINGO GRAU ME FESIT LAN 1847”
Can Grau is a reference farm in the region and was used at the beginning of the century as a traditional farm. The first floor was a noble house where the farmers lived, and fell into disuse about 15 years ago. The house was in a poor state of conservation when the current owners acquired the property in 2018. A major renovation to adapt it to its new purpose brought out the beauty of its interior and integrated facilities for horses in its immediate surroundings.


The Country House

Upon arrival at Can Grau, the first surprise is the open landscape around its main entrance. The “Àngels” mountain range in Girona and the “Fortalesa” mountain in the background make for a beautiful horizon.
The country house consists of several buildings, most of which are rehabilitated. It currently has seven spacious and unique rooms, all with en suite facilities. Wooden beams, stone walls and restored furniture are combined with traditional objects to create a cozy atmosphere. The rooms are distributed between the ground floor and the first floor, keeping with the original structure of the house. Those on the ground floor have direct access to the garden and those on the first floor have access to a large outdoor terrace with magnificent views over the landscape and horses in the fields. Dinner and breakfast are served in the original cow stable, which has been converted into a spacious dining room with a fireplace. The house has a large living room, also with a fireplace, comfortable sofas and a library for winter afternoons. However, the entrance porches, the terrace and the many garden spaces are ideal to relax in the open air all year round in contact with nature. The pool is surrounded by dense grass and paved with original stone, remnants of the traditional era, next to a beautiful old rooftop, which offers a great shaded area and also serves as a “chill out” space.


The Estate

Several paths invite us to discover the surroundings of this 14-hectare estate. Following the small stream and vast forest that delimit its fields, you will find century-old specimens of oaks and pines and even an ancient dam, naturally sculpted by the runoff from the rain.
On the other hand, the northern limit of the main building borders the town of Vilafreser, a town of only 16 inhabitants, with its Romanesque church and its picturesque bell tower.
The layout of the farm made it possible to accommodate the horses: equestrian activities are offered every day for children and adults. This scene is complete with the colours and scents of fields of sunflowers, wheat, oats, lavender, fruit trees, and soon our own vineyard- an immersion in the flow of nature. The location is also fit for more relaxed activities such as yoga sessions, jam-making workshops, regional organic wine tasting or massage therapies.

The Hosts

The company CATALONIA HORSE TRAILS and the Masia CAN GRAU project were conceived and realized by Josep Ramon Casas Collderram and his partner Anne Imbert. This duo is an effective combination of extensive experience and true passion  for horses and nature, and for creating exciting projects. 

Josep Ramon, manager of Catalonia Horse Trails, qualified as a school teacher at the University of Barcelona, and went on to work professionally as a developer / builder for many years. He discovered horseback riding more than 35 years ago and has parallely been involved in the equestrian scene, conducting and promoting successful competitions and business projects.

Both as a rider and later as a coach in prestigious international competitions, he left his mark through his participation as a board member for the Catalan Equestrian Federation and his commendable driving force in numerous equestrian tourism initiatives, such as the TV programme Aïnara, the Equustur programme, the posterior Euquus programme, the Club Hípic Sant Fruitós (equestrian club) or the Hípic Hotel de Camprodon. His concerns for the world around him combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for horses led him to acquire the Can Grau farm.  In this way the company Catalonia Horse Trails, SL is optimally positioned in the Empordà, a strategic location for its sector’s internationalization, promoting the Catalan territory through horseback riding trails in a specially preserved environment. 

The success of his projects has a lot to do with his wide experience and knowledge of horses, and he is in charge of organizing the trails, as well as managing logistics in the natural environment.

Anne is a qualified architect, passionate about nature and botany. Her enthusiasm for the world of horses and having ridden horses since she was a child are the basis for her involvement in the Masia Can Grau project. 

She has extensive and productive experience in the development and management of complex international projects in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscaping. She speaks Catalan, Spanish, French and English, allowing her to effectively manage reservations and customer service. On the other hand, she took on the rehabilitation project of the farmhouse as a professional challenge in which she prioritized the fundamental values ​​of energy sustainability and respect for nature. She is also in charge of the organization and logistics related to the smooth running of the country house (accommodation and meals) and picnics for the itinerant horseback trails.

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